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Your Domain Just Expired!

Time’s up, now what?

Let’s take a look at what happens when your domain expires, and why it is essential to renew your domains on time, even if you’re not certain if you’ll continue to use them.

f you don’t renew your domain on time, getting it back can be a difficult and costly.

What happens when a domain expires?

As soon as a domain expires, it goes into a grace period.  During this time, don’t panic! For a short time, you can renew your domain name at the regular price.

While the grace period may vary a bit between registrars, at Incredible Hosts the grace period for .com domains registered is 27 days.

However, the period is shorter for some domain names. For example, .de domain names have a negative grace period at Incredible Hosts. That means it’s critical to stay on top of the renewal process, because for these domains you need to renew them five days before the domain expires.

Fall from Grace

After the grace period expires, you face significant risk of losing your domain name.

Expired domain names will be auctioned off to the highest bidder at this point.

If someone wants your domain and buys it during this auction period, you will not be able to renew it.

Redemption Period

If you’re lucky and no one bid on your domain, then it will go into the redemption period.

You can still renew the domain during the redemption period, but it costs an extra £200. This fee varies between registrars, but most will charge something because of costs to recover the domain.

Pending Delete

Once the redemption period is over, the domain name goes into what’s called pending delete. At this point, it means the domain name will expire and be deleted. This process is often swift, but it can take up to 90 days.

After a domain has been deleted, it is considered a brand new domain and is available for anyone to register it on a first-come, first-served basis.

Given the extra cost and hassle of renewing a domain name after it expires, it makes sense to renew domain names early.

Why this matters even if you’re done with a domain

Maybe you’re done using a domain and don’t think you need to renew it.

But think about this: how would you feel if someone else owned the domain name?

When your domain name expires, it gets telegraphed to the world that someone thought the domain name was interesting or valuable. Hundreds of people get daily “drop lists” of domain names that are expiring. They scour through them to find domains that might be worth registering.

There’s a greater likelihood of your domain name being registered by someone else if you let it expire than if you hadn’t registered in the first place.

Save effort and hassle and renew domains on time!

If there’s a chance you might use the domain in the future, or if you registered the domain to protect your brand, it probably makes sense to spend just a little bit of money to renew the domain rather than let it go back into the wild.

Renew or transfers your domain names now at Incredible Hosts. It’s quick and easy.


How to speed up your wordpress

Nearly half of all web users expect a site to load in two seconds or less, as a result are more likely to abandon a website that doesn’t load within three seconds. With just a few seconds of hanging, you can lose plenty of potential customers.

How do I know if my site is slow?

Try one of these tools to check your loading speed:


How to Speed it up?

  • Compress your images:
    Images can take up a lot of bandwidth, especially when you use large images. But your images can be easily optimised to cut down on speed.Along with making sure you’re not putting the full-size version of the image up (for example, uploading a 3000-pixel wide image when you only need a 150-pixel wide version), you can also run plug-ins that will compress your images for you.WP Smush goes through your existing images as well as any images you upload in the future, and compresses them while still keeping the quality up.
  • Remove unneeded plugins:
    You could be using plug-ins that you don’t really need. While many of them might not have an effect on your site speed, others could be adding hundreds of milliseconds to your loading time.
    P3 is a plug-in that reviews your plug-ins and creates a profile of their performance, as well as measuring the impact they have on your site’s load time. Activate it when you want to check your plug-ins, then replace them as needed.
  • Caching:
    While some browsers will automatically save a cache of your site when people visit your site, you can ensure that it happens, cutting down on loading time when people return. W3 Total Cache lets you cache your site, reducing the number of HTTP requests and speeding up the loading time for returning customers – customers who might have decided that now is the time for a purchase.
  • Clean up your database:
    Have you gone through the unapproved comments recently? What about trackbacks and pingbacks? Or have you started and stopped so many posts that your Drafts folder is a virtual library compared to your live posts?All of these have an effect on loading time. And you can either go through each one, making sure that they’re exactly what you want to remove, or you can use a plug-in like WP-Optimize to quickly and easily cull them, freeing up database space.

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